Hi there!!! My name is Omar and welcome to “The Wealthy Guy”.  

Here I will share my knowledge and experience for the number one way of generating wealth today. That is through the Internet.

The internet has changed the game for wealth generation. For the first time in history, you don’t need a massive upfront investment to generate a consistent stream of income. Mark my word, that has never happened before in history. You don’t need a factory or a piece of land or even an office for that matter. Many internet entrepreneurs manage all their operations from a co-working space or even from their home. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, a small investment (well duh yes…..a business cannot operate without some investment) and a willingness to learn. It is an amazing opportunity to change your life.

But when you enter the internet, there are so many stumbling blocks that come along the way. The biggest obstacles are:

  1. Shiny Object Syndrome

Many people who start out as an internet entrepreneur go from one business model to the next…one strategy to the next. This kills the dreams of more than 90% of online entrepreneurs. Remember to choose one model, one business, one strategy and stick to it. I can’t lie that I am not a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome as well. That is why I highly recommend you to

  • Done for you systems

Done for you systems are really the most enticing marketing gimmicks out there. They come with all these taglines like “plug and play” and “copy and paste”. The problem with these systems is that it restricts you from doing the one thing that all successful online entrepreneurs do and that is to learn everything from scratch and put in the hours of hard work.

I myself spent quite a small fortune on these distractions. From one online course to the next, from one traffic strategy to the next, one get rich quick scheme to the next. It really hurts a lot when you invest so much and get next to nothing in return.

It took a while but once I decided to stick to one thing (Affiliate Marketing) and learn everything there is to learn about it, leaving no stone unturned, it all became much easier. There is really no such thing as getting rich over-night or making $100,000 a year from 0 investment. It takes hard work, and a lot of blood sweat and tears along the way.

After all my struggles, I wanted to share my experience with everyone and show them the few programs that work. Financial freedom today is truly within the reach of everyone. So check out these programs and contact me if you want. Let’s discuss how you can unlock the hidden entrepreneur within you and start on your path to financial freedom.