Nowadays, creating a website is within the reach of anyone. This guide Building a website for free – WordPress Beginners Guide will show you how to create your website, with the most powerful CMS: WordPress.

We will learn where and how to choose your domain name, customize WordPress, manage your pages, create your content and install the necessary plugins.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress was created in 2003 and is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System) . Open Source means that the software can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Since 2005, WordPress is published by the American company Automatic.

Appreciated for its harmonious themes and its functional side, WordPress is the favorite CMS of all bloggers. WordPress has a very active community and you will find very easily plugins to transform its use. Indeed, WordPress can easily adapt the appearance to become the showcase of your company.

Before creating your website

You must know these steps:

  • Buy a domain name ( As mentioned above, for us this is free )
  • Install WordPress ( Automatically Installed for us )
  • Choose and Install a theme
  • Create your site structure
  • Install important Plugins

Your Domain Name

The domain name is the home of your website. For good SEO, your domain name should reflect your activity with a keyword of your niche. You can also take your own name or the name of your company.

It is important to choose a domain name that people can remember easily. You have different choices of,.net,.org and much more. It is strongly recommended taking a domain name with an ending

After choosing your domain name, you will have to choose your hosting. There are many webs hosting Company like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy just to name a few.

For my part, I use the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate. By clicking here you can see what Wealthy Affiliate is. I highly recommend it. That’s why my guide will be done through WA’s back office.

Find And Register Your Domain Name

After registering with Wealthy Affiliate for free, you will find on your left a task bar. In the first place you will have to click on Websites.

Choose domainname1

A new Menu will open and now you click on Site Builder.

domain name 2

A new page opens and you will have 3 different choices:

domain name 31. On a free domain

2. On a domain I own

3. Register a domain

With the Starter Membership in Wealthy Affiliate, you have the chance to host 2 sites for free. That means you can create a website without spending money. Your Starter Membership is free, and 2 of your Websites too;)

Enter Your Domain Name, Title And Choose A Theme

Click now On a free domain and a popup menu opens. The first step is to enter your domain name. As you can see in the picture below, the ending Don’t worry, your site will index in google.

Siterubix also shows you if your domain name is available or not.

Now you give a title to your site. The title must represent the niche you have chosen. If you are in make money online niche, your title could be: Make Money the Legit Way. After you choose a theme that you like, just click on “Click here to build your site.”


It will take a few moments for your site to be ready. Take a hot coffee, lemonade or a glass of wine while waiting and then come back to your PC :).

Congrats. Your Site Is Online

Just click on Login Now and let’s start building our Website

Welcome To Your Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

Here we are. Isn’t it beautiful?. Now we will have to structure your site a bit. We will start by deleting the default pages, which will not serve you at all.

Click in the left bar on Posts. As you can notice, there is a Post which is called Hello World. Point with your mouse on Hello World, and you will see appear 4 small submenus. Click on the Trash submenu and your Post will disappear.

Move to trash

You see, it’s easy anyway. Now do exactly the same procedure for Pages and Comments.

Management and Creation of Posts

On your dashboard click on the left sidebar on Posts then “Add New“. You will see that post creation has a fairly simple interface for editing your articles. Do exactly the same thing, if you want to create pages. You see, it’s pretty easy to create a website with WordPress

Create Pages

Install Plugins

Installing plugins is as easy as creating Posts or Pages. Just click in the left tab on Plugin then Add New.

Install plugins

This is the Add Plugins page. You can find all the plugins that you will need for your website. To find a plugin, you just have to go to the right search bar and enter the name of the plugin.

Search Plugins

You have probably noticed that WordPress suggests Plugins, as shown in the picture above. I strongly recommend you to Install the Classic Editor Plugin ( If not installed ), by pressing Install Now and then on Activate.

This Plugin is the Classic WordPress Editor. Since version 5.0 if my memory is good, WordPress integrated a new drag and drop editor. This new editor isn’t so good as the classic one and more difficult to use.

Recommended Plugins

With the installation of your site, WordPress installs you 3 Plugins.

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Classic Editor
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

I also suggest installing Akismet Anti Spam (photo above). It will prevent you from finding spam comments on your site after publishing an article. If you want to know more about plugins, I strongly advise you to register on Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out this page or register directly here. No credit card is required.


You just learned how to create a website for free. If you’re looking for website creation, then I guess you’re interested in blogging, creating your e-commerce or even a site for affiliate marketing or whatever for :).

Creating a website requires much more than knowing how to use WordPress. You need to know how to optimize your site, how SEO works, how to get traffic to your website and much more.

Everything can be learned at Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers you a Starter membership, no credit card is required. It’s 100% free. With the Starter Membership, you will have free hosting and 2 free websites. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here to register.

After you registered, you will get a personal message from me and from the owners Kyle and Carson. I’ll help you build your site, and for every question, you may have. Hope to see you on the other side of Wealthy Affiliate.





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