How to earn a passive income online

How To Earn A Passive Income Online – 9 Ideas For making Money (Even While Sleeping)

A question that I read again and again is: How to earn a passive income online? I have answered this question several times, but never dealt with the details. In this article I would like to explain to you the different ways in which you can achieve a passive income online.

Achieving passive income does not mean earning money without working. Rather, it’s about building something that you can use to earn money later without doing much for it. But first, you have to work hard for it.

How hard you have to work depends on your activity. But be aware that without work, no money comes in, not even passively.

As with many things, the benefit is in the long term. A passive income is a great way to enjoy life and the things you love. Be it spending more time with family and friends or enjoying some weeks on a beach holiday. It is a concrete form of freedom and financial independence.

Think carefully about spending months building something long-lasting that will benefit you all your life, or spend hours searching online to make quick money, and wasting your precious time without taking advantage of your life’s changes.

It is often difficult to know where to start. Which project should I start to realize passive income? There are hundreds of solutions. In this article, I’ll give you a few of them.

What Is Passive Income?

Before I write down various ways you can generate a passive income, I want to insist on what a passive income is.

A passive income is simply an income that you earn if you do nothing or almost nothing.You don’t have to work every day to passively make money. Even if you sleep, you can earn money.

But as I wrote above to generate a passive income, you have to work hard before that. Otherwise, you will never make passive money.

How Much Can I Earn?

If you read stories about passive income, that you can earn $5,000 per week or monthly within 2 weeks with just a blog or an ebook, don’t believe them.

There are many people who can enjoy their life with passive income. But you as a beginner will often only earn small contributions from different sources.

Every well-known marketer started small and made it. So you can do it also with motivation and your will.

It is important that you choose sources of income that are of interest to you. Just try it out. Choose some that require a lot of work, such as creating a blog.

And others who don’t require much work, such as buying shares that pay a dividend.

Concentrate yourself on these things. Take your time and effort. We all read stories in blogs where people earn thousands of dollars a month, but we don’t know how much time and effort has been invested in this blog before it was able to achieve such results.

Either you will discover a real passion, or you will earn more money than expected, or you will not earn any money at all. Just take the time and effort to make your dreams come true.

Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars each month, but do you know how much time and effort has been invested in this blog before it generates money?

This can only tell you the person in question. Believe me, if I tell you it was at least hundreds of hours. Unfortunately nobody will be able to tell you how much you will earn. It is up to you alone to put in the work that is needed.

Passive Income VS Active Income

There are differences between passive and active income. An active income can be understood as a salary, where you earn money for a job that you do.

The problem with an active income is that the money depends on your ability. You have to work more and more to earn more money.

Unfortunately, you will face a blockage with such an income:The ability to work more, even if you want it.

With passive income, you will only have to work hard once and earn money for the rest of your life. The more years that pass, the more you earn and the less you will have to work.

1. Run Your Dropshipping Business

The e-commerce market is booming. The system of dropshipping works quite simply. You create a website with Shopify or Woocommerce, where you offer products of specific manufacturers and suppliers for sale. A popular website for dropshipping is Aliexpress.

After a visitor from your website makes an order, you will send this order to the relevant supplier. The supplier sends the order directly to your customer.

This means you will make money without ever having to manage a stock. You collect the profit between the price you have specified and the price of the manufacturer.

If you plan to build your own dropshipping business, I recommend the Udemy platform, there are good dropshipping courses for little money.

2. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you earn a commission on advertising a product that you don’t own. For most products there are affiliate programs where you can register.

After registering, you will receive a special link for the selected product that you want to promote. If someone buys the product through your special link, you will receive a commission.

It’s easy to create a WordPress blog. Read my article here. With your blog, you will be able to promote your products. In order for your blog to be found, you must use special keywords that readers use when searching for this product.

Of course, you can do Affiliate Marketing without a blog. There are numerous options, such as YouTube, email lists or social networks.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while because I don’t need my own product. I even don’t have to give any support . That’s what the manufacturer of the product will do.

Your only job is to send traffic to the product. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I recommend the following links. That’s exactly the way I went, to learn everything about it.

The best way to start an online business

Make money with no money online

Make money by affiliate marketing for beginners

3. Start Your Own Blog

It can be a passion to own your own blog. Many people want to make money from it, at least to cover the associated costs that arise. It is possible to generate passive income.

A blog serves to provide your readers with added value and quality content. Once your website generates traffic, you can monetize it with a variety of options:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Links
  • Google Adsense

Everyone can start a website. You don’t have to be a genius. It’s just about starting a blog on a specific topic that interests you and helps other readers to solve a problem.

Like my blog here. I’m writing this article to help you find a way to get a passive income.

To start your blog you need a domain name, a hosting and a Content Management System (CMS).

I recommend WordPress, this is the CMS I use for this blog. If you have no money for hosting and domain name, then I recommend you this platform here. Since you can create 2 websites for free with hosting and domain name.

4. Write And Sell An E-book

If you have a passion for writing, then it would be useful to write an e-book. Although the market has been saturated lately, books that teach people in a technical field are still selling very well. It’s a great source of passive income, but it takes a lot of effort to generate money.

The Kindle program from Amazon or iTunes from Apple allows you to sell your e-books online. If you want to sell an e-book, you dom’t need to invest a lot of money.

It will take you a long time to write and market your e-books.

This passive income option gives you the opportunity to start making money much faster than starting a blog. But it requires skills and knowledge with great responsiveness in the research of your chosen topic.

5. Create A Smartphone App

Programming an app is a good source of revenue, although apps require a significant amount of time to be programmed.

If you have no knowledge of programming, you need to find someone to help you with the creation. The most important thing is that you come up with an idea that can be sold well.

Market research and analysis are very important to find the right idea for your app.

By programming an app, you can reach billions of people and users around the world. The best smartphone apps are based on free versions with in-app purchases.

6. Rent A Room In Your Home

Do you have a room in your house that you never use? You could rent it to someone looking for a short-term lease. Thousands of people use Airbnb to find accommodation.

You can ask a chambermaid to clean and prepare the room after a guess. Hiring a real estate management company saves you the work and makes it to a real passive income.

7. Create An Online Course

Creating an online course is a great source of passive income. Create a comprehensive online course that helps others solve a problem or respond to a need.

The course can contain videos, e-books or emails with relevant information. Customers sign up to buy the course and your system automatically sends them everything they need to access it.

You will receive money for the price of the course you have created. A platform like Udemy can do all the hard work for you as soon as you put your course online.

8. Create YouTube Videos

Every day people make money online. Whenever someone watches a video of you, you could earn money through ads or affiliate marketing. To be successful with YouTube, it is important to have enough subscribers and viewers.

To make money with videos you need patience, because it can take some time. For every video you upload on YouTube, you can generate passive income indefinitely.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to just upload 3 – 4 videos. To really passively generate money with YouTube, you have to upload videos every day.

9. Automotive Advertising

Your blog is not the only place where you can advertise. There are countless companies willing to pay to use your car as a mobile billboard.

Your car will be covered with a removable full-body vinyl sticker. This will allow you to earn a few hundred dollars a month.

Websites like Carvertise are ready to rent your car as advertising space for different companies. In order to participate, your car must be in good condition, you need a valid driver’s license and valid insurance.

You have more chances to make money with Carvertise if you’re out and about in a high-traffic area, covering a certain number of miles per day.



Make Money With No Money Online – Beginners Guide

You want to earn money online, but you have no money to invest? That’s not a problem at all. In this article, I will show you how to make money with no money online.

Forget all these websites that promise you fast money. Forget the websites that promise you to get rich with just one click. Read through my article and learn how you can make money online.

Few of the readers will read my article to the end. These will be the people who care about changing their life financially. I am ok with that.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to start for free. There are several platforms that allow you to do this. I’ll introduce you to a specific website called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can learn all about affiliate marketing. WA offers you a free access. You don’t need a credit card, you don’t need to spend any money.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites with hosting. Before we go deeper into Wealthy Affiliate, I’d like to tell you what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works. So stay tuned :).

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new technology as it has existed since the beginning of the Internet and e-commerce sites.

The principle of affiliate marketing is simple: A merchant website that sells products online (physical products, digital products, online courses, etc.) offers a partnership (affiliate program) with other websites such as blogs to view andpromote their services.

As soon as a reader of the website buys something via an affiliate link, the owner of the website earns a commission.

How Are Affiliate Links Tracked?

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you will receive one or more URL’s. If you include this URL in an article and a reader click on it, a follow-up will be performed. This is called tracking.

Cookies are there to remind you: It is possible that your visitor clicks on your affiliate link, but doesn’t take any action, meaning that no purchases will be made immediately. If the same visitor comes back later to the site and make a purchase, you will still receive a commission, even if he doesn’t use your URL for the second time.

It depends on each affiliate program on how long the cookies are valid. Some offer cookies for 90 days, others only for 24 hours. You can read this carefully in the clauses of the affiliate program. Of course, you have to accept these clauses.

As you can see, affiliate marketing is not that hard. And you can start making money without spending your own money. Serious affiliate programs are always free.

As said before, you will learn how to make money without spending money. The only thing you’ll need is a website, but don’t be scared. It’s free for you:).

Why Do I Need A Website?

I’m 100% sure that some of you are asking yourself this question. Others are scared to build a website. But you don’t need to be, because it’s easy. Trust me;).

With a website, you will build your brand. That means people will get to know you and trust you.

You will also be able to promote your affiliate links, without spamming FB groups as many people do in hope to get some clicks on it.

Did I wake your interest? Are you ready to make money without having to spend a cent? Just follow my steps and you will be surprised what you will achieve. Let’s go!!!

Let’s Build Your Online Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that shows you step by step on how to build your own business.

Through WA, I’ve learned how to build my own business, and you’ll learn as well. You just have to believe in yourself and never give up. The rest comes with time.

The most important thing you need is training. Without training, you will learn nothing. You will always make mistakes and your success will be excluded.

The goal of WA is to avoid those mistakes. A helpful community is at your disposal, hundreds of videos. You have live support, so you can get quick help with any questions you have.

Of course, I will also be there to help you on your way to financial freedom. You just have to want it.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you 2 courses. The first course is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. You will be teached how you sell products via Amazon, Clickbank etc.

Of course, you also learn everything about website building, SEO, online presence and much more.

The 2nd course is the Affiliate Bootcamp Course. You will learn to build your own website, find your right audience, SEO and how to promote WA and much more.

I could spend hours talking about Wealthy Affiliate now. But my goal is to enable you to get started as fast as possible.

If you want to know all the details about WA, then please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

1. Sign Up For Your Free Account

The first step in getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is to register. Click here to register for FREE. It’s that easy. Enter your email address, and that’s it. You don’t need to leave bank details or credit card information.

Wealthy Affiliate Register

After registering, you must complete your profile. Just upload a photo of yourself or look for one out of the WA database. Then you write 1-2 sentences about you, and that’s it.

This step is important so that people can recognize you and help you more quickly. Filling in the profile will also help you to rank within Wealthy Affiliate, which will help you later, believe me.

2. Find Your Affiliate Links.

The next step we’re going to do is find your affiliate links and then save them to a file on your PC so you can access them anytime.

Look at the following picture to find your links.

Click on the dollar sign above and then on Links & Tracking and you will be redirected to the following page where your links are located. Now save these links into a file on your computer.

WA Affiliate Links

3. Start Building Your Website

Finally! Now we come to the interesting part of our business. Build our own website. Unfortunately, you have to take some time now:).

Take a look at my article Building A Website For Free . I’ll go through it step by step how to build your own website.

4. Let’s Have Some Training

Now it’s about learning something. As I wrote above, you need training so you know how it all works.

Don’t panic, the videos are easy to follow. You now have the choice between 2 courses: Entrepreneur Certification Course or the WA Affiliate Bootcamp.

It depends on you now. If you don’t want to promote WA, then I recommend the Certification Course.

If you are still interested in making money with the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate, then I recommend the Affiliate Bootcamp.

With both courses you have advantages. You may wonder why I chose to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and I will tell you that a little bit later my friends.

5. Write Your Content

Is everything OK? Have you followed your training? Great, now it’s about writing content to your blog.

We want to build a business with a blog, and that’s why content has to be written. But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult.

If you have no idea how to write posts, then take a look at my website and websites of other marketers to get an idea. You can also follow this training here to understand everything about content creation.

Wealthy Affiliate training will explain exactly how to create high quality content.

6. Share Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate is based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, it takes time for your Website to rank with Google, Yahoo or Bing. That depends on many factors that are shown to you within the Wealthy Affiliate training.

We are not lazy, and we want to promote our website as soon as possible. So now I’ll give you some tips on how to do that without waiting for Google or other search engines, and for FREE. I told you, you don’t have to spend any money to start your online business:).

Facebook Group

Everyone knows Facebook. Almost everyone has an account on Facebook. The social network is well suited to bring your website to potential customers.

But don’t make the mistakes like everyone desperately does and don’t just post your link into any of these promotion groups.

What you should do is start your own group.After that your group is ready, you can share it in other groups. Facebook doesn’t like getting people taken from their side. And as we are honest marketer, we are doing things the right way:).

How do I start a Facebook group?
Thats is quite easy. In the top menu, click Create and then Group as shown in the picture below.

Create a FB Group

A pop-up window will open. You have to fill in the following information.

  • The desired name of your group
  • Invite at least one friend to be able to create group.
  • Choose if your group should be closed or public. I recommend you a closed group, so people have to join to see your content.

Create a FB Group

Congrats. Your FB Group was created.

Now you have to upload a picture and a cover. It works the same way as on your own profile.

After doing all this, you need to write a little description, so people know what your Facebook group is about.

See the pictures below to see where you can edit the description.FB Description1It’s time now to bring content to your group. Post 1 article every day you wrote for 1 week. Only then start promoting your FB group in other groups.

It is very important that you are active in your FB group. People who join your group want Information and help. Follow the wishes of your members. Motivational quotes are also well suited.


People love to watch videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine online.

You could make a video of your product and upload it to YouTube. You do not have to show your face, but I advise you to do so because it makes it more trustworthy to see a person than just to hear them.

Something important on YouTube are your keywords. Always try to find the best keywords so people can find your videos.

Don’t forget to put your website link in the description of your video so people can access it.


Did you know that it is possible to make money while answering questions? That’s possible with Quora.

Quora is a popular Question and Answer website with over 500 million visitors per month and this number is increasing month by month.

People ask questions and other users answer them. Search Quora for a question concerning your niche,

After that, you can answer this question and attract visitors to your website. Quora questions rank very well on Google and other search engines, which means that your answer will not only be seen by Quora users, but also by people outside Quora.

Why I Promote Wealthy Affiliate

I am often asked this question and would like to answer it now. As I have already written, WA has a large and helpful community. You can find hundreds of videos and a lot of training.

But that’s not the only reason why Wealthy Affiliate likes it so much and why I promote it.

Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with one of the most exciting affiliate programs.

If one of your referrals takes a monthly membership and you’re premium, you’ll earn $23.50 a month.

If you are on the Free membership you earn $11.75 for the monthly membership

If one of your referrals takes annual membership, you earn $175.

As a Free Member, you earn $87.50. Take a look at the following picture to understand what I mean.WealthyAffiliate referral program

As you can see, even as a free member, you can earn money with WA. Click here and start earning money.

Las Vegas

Las VegasHave you always dreamed to travel to Las Vegas? But you have no money? Wealthy Affiliate can fulfill your dreams, even with a Las Vegas trip.

Once a year, founders Kyle and Carson invite their top affiliates to Las Vegas. Flight, hotel, and food are taken over by Wealthy Affiliate.

Click here to learn all about the trip to Las Vegas.


We have come so slowly to the end of this article. Anyone who has read this until here has great chances of success online.

I’ve shown you a way to make money online without spending money.

I introduced you to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can read my full review on WA here.

Wealthy Affiliate enables you to build your business. It has a very good affiliate program, with high commissions. You have the chance to win a fully paid trip to Las Vegas.

And the best part of all this is that you can start for free.

You have to put in work that’s right, but it’s worth it. You will rarely get such a reputable opportunity as the one Wealthy Affiliate gives you.

Wealthy Affiliate is my Nr.1 recommendation. I’m not saying that other platforms are bad. I chose WA, and you know why now.

If you are interested in joining this platform then click here and follow step by step the article you just read. You can also join my Facebook group.

Click here to join my Facebook group.

In my group, I will give my WA members helpful tips and information to ensure success.

If you have any questions then ask them in the comments. It will be my pleasure to answer them.

Thank you for reading my full article and see you soon :).










The Best Way To Start an Online Business

You would like to know what is the best way to start an online business, but you don’t know where to start. There are many reasons why people want to work from home.

Be it to have more freedom, to take care of your children, to be your own boss, there are many reasons.

Unfortunately, very few reaches this goal because they don’t know where to start. To build an online business you need to invest in your time and/or money.

You need tools like a web hosting, domain, autoresponder. Without these tools, you can not build a stable business that will earn you a steady income month after month.

In this article you will learn step by step how to build your business, what tools you need and how to build your business online.

What Brings You Your Own Online Business?

  • More free time for your family and friends
  • A steady income, depending on the time you put in your business
  • You could quit your job and schedule your own working hours as you wish

There are countless reasons why you should build your own business.

Where To Start ?

First, you have to be aware of where you want to start. This business will bring you years of money. That’s why it’s important that you make the right decision, you need to have fun with your online business.

It is important that you brand yourself. People have to trust you. That’s the only way you can succeed. Would you buy something from someone you don’t know?

No, me neither. I see many people in Facebook groups who post their link, hoping someone will click on it and make some money. That’s not how it works and never will.

These people are wasting their time. As I wrote above, to start your business, you have to brand yourself. People have to trust you.

Just Do It – There Is No Reason To Hesitate.

One of the biggest problems is that people hesitate too much. Time is money. What you think more about, which will take longer to make money online. Nobody gives you any guarantee that your first project will succeed.

Even if you could not succeed with your first project, you will gain experience.

Another problem is too many ideas. There are people who just have too many ideas and don’t know how and where to start. This can lead to a problem.

Focus on a single idea. Do not start using your ideas in parallel, believe me that will not end well.

Set Goals.

You have to set goals. Without goals, you’ll get stuck and your online business will never succeed.

Don’t Be Afraid Making Mistakes.

None of the well-known internet marketer started and succeeded immediately. Someone who tells you something else is a liar. People learn from mistakes, and even the most well-known Internet marketers have made mistakes.

Because of their mistakes, they have learned, and only then could they succeed. Do not be afraid of mistakes, because you will do them like any other.

People Think The Wrong Way.

One reason why people lose their motivation is simply because they think the wrong way. I will show you a few points how wrong people can think.

An online business is easier to start than an offline business.

That’s true. But that does not mean that you will make money immediately. As with an offline business, you have to work hard to succeed.

In addition, online competition doesn’t sleep.

People hope for quick results.

There are many things you can do online faster than offline. Nevertheless, it takes time.

If you plan to start a blog, you can not expect to get 1000 visitors tomorrow. And that will happen for every internet project. It needs staying power.

Making fast money.

Are you planning to get-rich-quick? Then your chances are bigger to get the right numbers in any lottery, than to get rich online fast lol.

Are you disappointed now? Then close this page immediately and don’t waste your time my friend 🙂

You have to be a designer or a programmer

That’s not true at all. To design a website you don’t need any programming or designer skills. Read my article Building A Website For Free – WordPress Beginners Guide to learn how to build a website in minutes without any skills.

I have to be an expert

Again wrong. You do not have to be an expert to write about any topic on your blog or website,

However, you should already know more than the target audience of your own website .

Learn And Optimize – Just Do It.

There are no mistakes that will ruin your entire business. Mistakes are human. Everybody makes mistakes.
If your first blog doesn’t have any visitors after months, or you don’t make any money, that’s fine.

It takes time. Over time you will learn from your mistakes and thus mistakes will be able to optimize your business.
The only fatal mistake you could do would be to do nothing. So do not think long and start.

You have to find a suitable niche.

If you want to make money online, a suitable niche is a must.

Find ideas:

When you are looking for blog ideas, you need to consider different things. The topic you choose must be interesting for you. You should also have some knowledge about this topic.You don’t have to be an expert, as you will learn more and more over time. Only then will you be considered as an expert.

Ask yourself questions about your niche:

Can I write about this topic for years?
Your blog will usually be a long-term project. Therefore, it is very important to know if you still will have fun with your topic in a few years. It takes time for your readers to accept you as an expert.

Is your niche still relevant in a few years?
Can you remember 2017? The fidget spinners have been booming there for some time. And now? Nothing more.
There is nothing more annoying than to write about a topic and after a while no one is interested in it anymore. All the work for nothing and you can start all over again.

Can I still write about my niche in a few years?
Your niche should be long term. You should be sure to be able to write new articles again and again. Therefore, pay close attention to the fact that you will still have some ideas for your niche in a few years,

Be sure to avoid these errors

Too small niche.
You must limit your niche as much as possible, as any famous marketer will tell you. But if you limit your niche too much, only a few people will be interested in your blog. That means you won’t make any money.

Your niche is too broad.
As I’ve already told you, your niche has to be low on competition. If your niche is too broad, you run the risk of not ranking in Google and other search engines.

That’s because other marketers have already positioned themselves with their old blogs. It is very important to limit your niche as much as possible.

You will not find a niche without competition. If this is the case anyway, forget this topic and choose another one. After you have gained more experience, and your blog is older, you can spread your niche.

Build a blog

Now that you’ve found an idea for your blog, it’s time to build it. With a blog, you have full control over what you want to do.

Read my article here: Building A Website For Free – WordPress Beginners Guide.

Building a blog is not that difficult. You just have to know where to start. I really recommend WordPress to you.You have several options to build a website.

Website Builder:

A website builder is a special form of content management system (CMS). Simple web pages can be created with this system. Compared to traditional CMS systems, site builders have limited functionality.

Web site builders are most often deployed by application service providers. Therefore, an installation on a web host is not necessary.

The operation is done via a web browser.
Wix is an online platform based on the cloud principle. This platform is used to create HTML 5 websites. Wix is a website builder that allows you to integrate features into your own homepage developed by Wix.
With Weebly, you can create websites, blogs, and online shops. The platform is based on the drag-and-drop principle. Thus, it is possible to personalize your website without programming.
Jimdo is a web content management system. You can just as well as Wix and Weebly create a website, blog or online store. You do not need any programming knowledge, you can view your page directly online.

Jimdo has a quick and easy use. Jimdo offers you a free and 2 paid versions.

Website Builders are great for beginners. They are also suitable for people who want to create a website without making money.

If you want to build a blog with a website builder, it is strongly recommended to upgrade. Your free blog with one of these providers will be online, but also have an unpersonalized domain, which will not look nice and professional.

Unfortunately, the upgrades are always expensive with such providers, so I always recommend WordPress. Here you can read my article again: Building A Website For Free – WordPress Beginners Guide.

This guide will show you how to build a website with WordPress for free.

Content Management System ( CMS )

A Content Management System or CMS for short is a software for the creation, editing, and organization of content. This Software is mostly used on websites.

This content can consist of text and media documents. A person with access rights can operate such a system with zero programmings or HTML Knowledge. The software has a dashboard.

Some famous CMS:

As I’ve already told you, I recommend WordPress. This software was originally intended only for the creation of a blog.

WordPress has become increasingly popular and has been growing day by day for years. New plugins, new templates appear weekly even daily.

There is hardly a function that is not possible with WordPress. It is free to download.

WordPress delivers many updates. Also, the plugins are often updated, and unfortunately there are a few plugins with security risks.

Joomla has been around for many years. Joomla has built a solid fan base. Unfortunately, the development of Joomla remained in the background for a few years.

For some time, Joomla has been making tremendous progress again, especially in search engine capability.

The installation of Joomla is simple and well documented. Unfortunately, it offers hackers some hacking options that can only be handled with many extensions.

Actually, Drupal is just a modular system with many functions. Drupal differs from other content management systems mainly by a differentiated role and rights system.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to adjust the backend. The server settings and load times must be checked again and again.

Typo3 is a bit more difficult to use than the other CMS systems mentioned above. To understand all the functions, you need to get a little bit more involved.

Since Typo3 is quite complex, I don’t recommend it to a beginner. I don’t say that you as a beginner can not work with it. You can find enough documentation about the function of Typo3.

Just like the other CMS systems listed, Typo3 is free and a community is ready to answer any questions.

I’ve listed enough ways on how you can build a website. With a Website Builder you don’t need your own webserver or domain, your site is hosted by their providers.

But you have limited functionality if you don’t buy any of their upgrades.

With a CMS you usually need a webhosting package. Most providers already have WordPress pre-installed. Unfortunately, it costs you a little money for your own domain.

As already mentioned 2 times you can read my article here, how to build a free website with WordPress.

Make money with your blog

Now that you have your niche, your website is configured and filled with content,it’s time to start earning money.

Google AdSense
You definitely know Google AdWords. Google AdSense is the opposite of AdWords. You don’t need to spend money. You earn it.

If you have enough visitors on your blog, you can sign up for a Google AdSense account. Sign up here.
You earn money by showing ads generated by Google on your blog. If a visitor click on any of these ads, you will earn a small amount.

These ads are content dependent. Google will scan the content of your website beforehand and will only display ads that match your content.

To earn money with AdSense you need a website and a google account.

Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are programs on the Internet that are offered by sellers to promote their products or services from distributors.

The sales partner receives a commission, which is based on various criteria such as advertising period, per thousand advertisements, click, contact or order received.

Warrior +

Just to name a few.

This was a small introduction to show you how to start earning money online.

You need a Niche, you have to analyze your niche, find the right keywords (will explain that in a later article), build a blog and monetize your blog.

As long as you have fun on a topic, you will be able to build your own business without any problems.

If you are interested in building your own business, then I recommend that you read this and start immediately, and do not waste time.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in a comment.






Free Online Work Without Investment – 10 Good Ideas for Working at Home

It is not easy to find a well-paid job these days. Therefore, many people opt for a second source of income. There are also people who are well-paid but are not satisfied with what they earn. In my article free online work without investment, I’ll show you how you can generate a second income.

Many people are looking for a second income to meet their monthly needs. There are endless sources of income. Be it online or offline.

Many people search the internet because they think it’s easier. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

There are serious and dubious opportunities. But how can you see the difference? That is a frequently asked question. That’s why I decided to write this article.

You will find serious opportunities. Have you ever though building your own online business? What if you could be financially free within 1 – 2 years? I recommend you my 1st income source.

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Advantages Of Online Work

One of the most popular advantages of working from home is that you can work from anywhere. At home, in the bus, on the beach, there are no limits.

The only thing you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. You will find WiFi almost everywhere, so that would not be a problem :).

Thus, you can divide your work and still pursue your personal activities.

Another advantage is, you are your own boss. Nobody is stressing you. Except maybe your wife or your husband haha.

You can work in your own rhythm without paying attention to your work colleagues. Imagine, you could achieve that. Sounds good right?

If you have a hard time getting a pay raise, then online work is the best solution for you. You can get a full income every month.

It is only up to you. If you put enough work in it, you will be rewarded.

Set your own goals and work at your own pace. Benefit from your family and friends.

I could give you more advantages, but I would now like to bring up some disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Online Work

As you can imagine, there are also disadvantages. But where are they not? Let’s take a look at the advantages.

Distraction: If you work from home, distraction could be your biggest enemy. You know that no boss is behind you, you know that you are free and can do whatever you want.

You also have to do your everyday household. Or you could be tempted to watch TV. That would be a distraction reason. My tip for you: Set goals. Make your household work in the morning and your online work in the afternoons or evenings.

The fear of the next day: Another disadvantage that could occur is the fear of the next day. If you work online, you are self-employed.

You never know if you will earn money the next day or not. Nobody knows what the future holds.

For example, if you get sick, you have to temporarily end your activities. That could have a big impact on your income.

But there is also a solution for this. Build a stable online business that allows you to generate a passive income month after month.

If you want you can read this article here. It shows you how to make real money on the internet and build a stable income.

1. Blogging

One of the best known online work is blogging. You can make a lot of money with it. Whether through advertising, affiliate programs or selling physical products, there are many ways to make money online with a blog.

Many bloggers blog about their holidays and earn 4 or even 5 digit earnings.

You only need to choose a niche that interests you. Write articles about this topic 2 to 3 times a week, with suitable keywords. With related keywords, your blog will rank in google.

You can read my article here: Building a WordPress for free.

2.Test Websites

New websites appear online every day. There are website owners looking for people to test the functionality of the website or application.

For example, you can test the ergonomics of an online store, or maybe even test video games. This is a good additional income for Gamers.

In order to become a website tester you have to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours daily. A well-known website where you can work as a tester is Google User Experience Research.

3. Website Developer

Are you a computer freak and have experience in development? Many companies are looking for developers to make their website attractive.

You can create free accounts on freelancer websites like Fiverr or Upwork, create your profile and find customers.

But you must always make sure that you keep the deadlines, so that your customers are satisfied.

As a developer, you can earn up to $500 per website developed. There are companies that pay even up to $2000 for developing an attractive website.

If you don’t have any experience in website development, you can get a course on Udemy. You will find complete bootcamp courses that teach you how to develop websites.

4. Proofreader

As a Proofreader you will work closely with editors. But for this online job you need some knowledge in:

  • Grammatical rules
  • Vocabulary
  • You have to be able to find mistakes in texts

You will have to correct articles and find mistakes in books for example. The requirements to be able to work as a proofreader are quite high. You can offer your services on freelancer websites like fiverr.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is my favorite way how to make money online. In the last years, affiliate marketing has become a popular way to attract customers and make money online.

There are young people earning up to $3,000 a month in their spare time, some even more.

An experienced affiliate marketer can make up to $10,000 a month and be financially free.

Due to the increasing use of the Internet in the general population, more and more companies are turning to affiliate marketing. The idea is simple:

Each time you bring a visitor to their website, a sale or a completed form for their services, you will be rewarded with a certain amount.

What makes it so easy is the fact that you don’t need direct business contact because “affiliate networks” have hundreds of programs to choose from.

The concept is then relatively simple and even the less good computer users can earn money with affiliate marketing.

If affiliate marketing interests you, then learn it here for free.

Do you want to learn how affiliate marketing work? Register your account here for free and learn how to make money online.

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6. Create An E-commerce Site

If you want to sell a physical product, then an e-commerce site is just right for you. With WordPress and Woocommerce or even Shopify, creating a shop has never been easier.

There are 2 different ways to design your e-e-commerce site:

1. Create your own products and sell them to a buyer group

2. Buy cheaper products from overseas and sell them in your shop

If the first method is not for you, you should not hesitate and choose the second one.

This method is based on ordering finished products from overseas and selling them again with a profit. A popular website where you can get cheap products is Aliexpress or Alibaba.

7. Create A Digital Course

Nowadays you can find digital courses everywhere. Do you have a knowledge that you want to share with others? Then you can do that with a digital course.

In addition to their own courses, learning platforms like Udemy offer the opportunity to become a teacher. This is a unique opportunity to share your skills and experiences with thousands of people who want to get to know new technologies.

Digital courses can be created in many formats, from simple PDF or video lessons to dozens of hours of content.

Creating online courses can be very effective. Since it is under your control, the amount you can earn is unlimited.

8. Sell Pictures Or Videos

If you like to take pictures or record videos, you can make money with this passion

There are countless websites where you can upload your photos and footage. These sites have a large user base, and if someone gives you a license for your photo, you get paid.

You find innumerable websites where you can upload photos or videos.

To the main websites of stock photography:

For videos:

9. Make Money With YouTube


According to Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. Thousands of people are looking for fun, entertaining videos every day.

You can monetize your YouTube channel with their advertising system or by sending your visitors to another website that you have monetized in some other way.

You can imagine creating a YouTube channel in the same way as a website, except that you are creating videos and not written content.

You can also earn money with product reviews. Make a video about the purchased product and put your affiliate link in the description of your video

10. Become A Virtual Assistant

Are you good at planning and organization? Then, Virtual Assistant is right for you. A virtual assistant could be responsible for a variety of tasks. For example, you can do accounting, data entry, e-mail administration, searches, and much more.

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a great way to not only increase your income but also network with important people. In addition, the market and the need for virtual assistants explode.
In addition, there is a large request for Virtual Assistants.


You’ve now seen 10 ideas on how to do Online Work Without Investment. These 10 opportunities are serious.

Unfortunately, there are also dubious ones. I’m sure that you are registered in various Facebook groups. You’ve already seen that people advertise their business.

But you must be extremely careful. People promise you a lot of money without invest. 90% of these businesses are garbage.

You will always have to invest. Be it in your time or money. In these 10 ideas that I have listed here, you need to invest your time. These ideas are serious.

You can create a blog for free. Click here to see how

If you are interested in an online business, I suggest you Wealthy Affiliate.Check out my review here.

WA is an affiliate marketing platform that teaches you step by step how to make money online. Building your own business takes time.

What is more valuable to you? Working on your own business for 1 year or looking for the right opportunity online for 1 year, which could later turn out to be a scam?

Consider this question carefully and you will find that the first option is the better one.

So if you have motivation and want to be independent with your business, then register here.

I will support you on your way. If there are any questions,put them in the comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Free Online Business