Clickfunnels is a funnel building software. So what is a funnel? In essence a funnel is basically one page focusing all its marketing and copywriting to promote one product. This is in stark contrast to the traditional online ecommerce stores where one page can promote upto twenty products. The focus of all the marketing into promoting one product in a funnel will lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

Clickfunnels is a killer software for a funnel builder and is definitely in the elite category of funnel building softwares. In my opinion it is the best hands down. But what truly separates clickfunnels from other funnel softwares are the information products, events and trainings especially for affiliate marketing.

The value and knowledge in the books “DotCom Secrets”, “Expert Secrets”, “Traffic Secrets” and “Copywriting Secrets” is equivent to some high ticket affiliate courses. It is a must have for any aspiring affiliate marketer.

Then they have the affiliate boot camp training which trains you to become a clickfunnels super affiliate in 100 days. Then a shorter 30 days summit which is geared to make you self-sufficient on clickfunnels affiliate commissions alone. I cannot speak more highly of Russel Brunson and his team. Now this is what I call a completely biased article, but what can I say? This entire platform is really that good.

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