How To Request An Increase In Salary

Every employee needs a pay increase at some point. You can not simply apply for a pay increase. It requires a lot of care and preparation in advance. In this article, I show you how to request an increase in salary.

Even if your boss is satisfied with your work, he thinks of profit first and foremost. He will not come to you and suggest an increase. So it’s up to you to apply for this increase.

Why Asking For An Increase In Salary?

The good atmosphere at work, the variety of tasks, the lunch break with your colleagues are very important in everyday life. But let’s be realistic. The salary remains the key element of well-being and motivation at work.

You can quite choose a job for reasons other than pay in the first place. But, sooner or later, you will necessarily feel the urge to get an increase in salary.

Why? Because it is a real source of motivation! There are days when you really have no motivation to work, even if the atmosphere is excellent in your job.

If you know that the company believes in you and offers you a generous and motivating salary to prove it to you, you will have more pleasure in going to the office every day. If you’re an efficient employee and your results are good, it’s time to ask for an increase!

Of course, it is not enough to want or need an increase. It is important to ask and justify at the right time by finding the right words.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Before you even think of an increase in salary, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Only then can you see if it is really the right time to apply for an increase in salary.

This helps you to find the right arguments to justify your request.

Do I Deserve The Increase?

Even if you have the need to have a higher salary, it is still important to know if you have earned it. Try to determine if your role in the company you work for is important enough.

Also, check your objective for the company. That way, you can negotiate your salary. If you question your position, you know if the company will be affected if you leave it at some point.

Is my seniority enough?
How long have you been working for your employer? This is an important argument for you to apply for a salary increase at all. If you work for less than 1 year with your current employer, I strongly advise you not to apply.

Have I achieved my goals?
You should have goals that measure your success. Normally, these must be precisely defined by the responsible person and reached by the time you want to ask for an increase. That way, you can talk much more easily about yourself and your value. And it helps you to find numbers that prove your contribution to the development of the company.

How To Justify Your Increase?

You have to be able to prove that you are aware of the company’s performance and know the company’s market.

If you want to increase the contribution on the payslip, your results, which the management expects, must fit exactly.

You have to finish your tasks perfectly and you have to muster exemplary behavior.

If you can not afford these 3 specifications, then wait with your request. How can you ask the company for a salary increase if you don’tt meet the expected expectations on your side?

Avoid Saying, “If You reject my Increase Request, I’ll Go!”

It will not help you to tell your boss “If you reject my request, then I will go”.If you have a very good relationship with your boss, you could mention that you thought about it, but not more.

If you are determined to leave the company when applying for an increase if it turns out to be negative, then you will become less credible to your employer.

Your boss may suspect that you are staying in the factory for the wrong reasons.


Know The Average Salary For Your Job And Have Realistic Expectations

You have to know the average salary for your job. Look for different criteria such as industry, number of employees, the turnover of the company.

If the company you work for is not profitable enough or makes almost no profit, it would surprise me that your salary will be increased this year. You know that: If there is no money, none can be spent and never ask for an unrealistic amount.

Never forget that every company has its own way of paying. If there is a salary scale, then the negotiation is not the same. The same applies to frequency and increase.

Inform yourself about the internal processes before you apply for anything.

Be Confident In Your Speeches

Put your skills in front. If you are proud of what you have achieved, then show it without damaging the work of your colleagues. Stay calm and speak clearly with your supervisor and always use short sentences.

You have to take your time to convince your boss. It may well be that a second meeting will take place so that your boss has time to think about your request. Therefore never show your disappointment.

If your boss tells you he needs to think about it and suggest a second meeting, it’s because he’s open to your suggestion. If your request is deemed inappropriate, he will notify you immediately without organizing a second meeting.

What Is The Best Time To Negotiate?

It’s time now to set the time for the negotiation. As I already said, your request must be well planned. Your supervisor should be in a situation where he can not afford to decline.

I know it will be difficult what I tell you now, but it is better to wait a while if you think the deadline is not ideal to ask for an increase.

So When Is The Right Time?

After a promotion:
The best time is definitely after a promotion. If you get an extra workload, applying for and getting an increase in salary is perfectly normal.

If your employer doesn’t change your salary after a promotion, this is the time to apply for your increase to match your new position.

At the annual appraisal interview:
Many companies conduct evaluation interviews every year. It will take stock of the past year and set the targets to be achieved for the following year.

You will be asked to tell about your expectations and wishes. Here is also a good moment to talk about your salary increase.

You just signed a contract that wasn’t planned:
The whole company congratulates you. That doesn’t happen every day. That’s an important argument that can work in your favor.

Don’t hesitate long in this case. Wait 1-2 weeks and apply for an increase in salary. If your work is appreciated, it will be very likely that your request will be accepted

My manager leaves me a lot of his tasks:
It can be understood that this can be a bit annoying. Here again, you have an excellent argument on which you can build to request an increase in salary.

This shows you that he gives you his trust and that you are daily support to him.

You also prove to him that you are a committed worker willing to serve when needed. You can not claim such commitment from everyone.

Your Work Is Impeccable:
You will agree with me saying that it is perfectly normal to do your job on a daily basis. You’re paid for it. What you have to prove here is that your results are beyond your expectations.

To reach this, I recommend that you create a small file with numerical results that clearly shows that you are exceeding your specified goals.

Your good work saves money:
If you don’t have a commercial position, you can not convince by sales figures. On the other hand, you have saved your employer money, for example by negotiating tighter prices with a particular supplier. It must not even be a direct economy. You may have instituted procedures that have allowed your department to work more efficiently and to spend more time on important tasks.

You Have To Travel Within Your Professional Framework:
Travel within the professional framework and imposed by your hierarchy can be a good reason to be increased. The latter represents a constraint for the employee.

Need to adapt the work schedule and family time, to have the children guarded if the employee is a parent, to work extended hours (early in the morning, late at night). They also constitute a risk for the safety of the mobile employee.

Customers are satisfied with my work:
A satisfied customer will become a loyal customer. This is essential for the survival of the company. Before applying for a salary increase with your employer, carefully discard the telephone messages, emails, or letters from customers expressing their satisfaction with your work.

Use it during the negotiation to show your employer that you are heavily involved in customer retention.


As you have seen in this article, upstream preparation is important in order to apply for an increase in salary at all.

This begins the moment you start your work. Your boss should be able to trust you as soon as possible. Thus, your requests will be more credible, and he will listen more to you.

Do not let the first refusal conquer you. See it as an opportunity to prove your skills for the next salary increase.

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