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How To Sell Digital Products Online – Don’t Sell Before Reading This

Do you want to know how to sell digital products? With your own digital products, you can pack all your knowledge together into a product and sell it indefinitely.97% of marketers and sellers are wrong when creating a digital product. And in the end, they wonder why they could not sell a single product. To avoid this, read this blog post to the end.

You will learn

  • What digital products are
  • Digital products and their advantages
  • Get Ideas for digital products
  • Where to get ideas for digital products
  • How to create digital products that sell for sure

What are digital products?

Unlike a physical product, such as shoes, books, or a ball, you can only access a Digital Product through websites for streaming or even a file to download. This has many advantages for sellers and buyers. A digital product can be, video tutorials and also e books.

5 advantages of digital products

There are many advantages of digital products and also for the sale of them. Digital products are the best way to put all your knowledge together and monetize your blog.

  1. People see you as an expert

You can position yourself as an expert. After creating your product, you have put a bunch of value together and people will pay for this value.

2. You can scale your product and make profits for years

Selling digital products means you have a scalable online business. I am not talking about passive income yet, as it requires more than having only one digital product.

It is not easy to create a digital product. It takes time and money. If you start alone at the beginning, then it will take a lot of time :). And you never know whether the product sells or not.

3. You are independent

Creating digital products means that you are not answerable to anyone with your product. There is no one who tells you that something is missing or you need to improve something. You are only responsible to you and your customers.

4. Your work is valued

It increases self-esteem. You receive an e-mail with each sale and this shows you that someone is interested in your knowledge.

5. You create a competitive advantage

Digital products set you apart from the crowd. Most of them do not use digital products yet, nor do they pack their knowledge into digital products. This means they earn their money online by offering coaching or advice.


Ideas for digital products

Where to find Ideas? That’s quite easy if you know your targeted group.

  • In table of contents from different books
  • In journals
  • In TV or movies



Create digital products that sell

Digital products are just a tool – just like your blog itself. Because if you want to build an online business, it is just one building block for your business model. But digital products are very different from a blog, blog article or social media.

Digital products are complex. First, you need to create digital products and then sell them. They offer automation and scaling options.

Your products need value. That means :

  • The product must provide benefit.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Satisfy a need.

Many online marketers out there sell mediocre products through efficient marketing such as Facebook marketing. This will discredit online marketing and the people who honestly want to operate it.

You have the chance doing it better

You can offer better digital products – whether they are e books, audio formats or video courses. These are also gladly bought by your readers.

Prerequisite: Your products need to be authentic.

Ask your self.

  • Are you convinced of your product?
  • Are you passionate about what you do and your digital product?
  • Do you know your targeted audience?

People are driven by either pain or joy – pain is the greater motivation.

The question is:

  • What problem does your digital product solve?
  • Which need is fulfilled?
  • What’s in it for the customer?

4 steps you need to keep in mind when creating digital products that sell

1. Trouble-benefit statement

The best way to find this out is through an analysis using a value proposition canvas. That means, what problems your customers have and what they gain from your product.

2. Use proven strategies

Many new marketers want to reinvent the wheel. Whether that’s the marketing process, email marketing, design or even digital products.

  • It is important to help your customers.
  • Who is your competitor and what do you offer to your target group?
  • Can you offer similar products? Or can you make existing products better or easier?
  • Are you aware of your own strategy?

3. Know who your targeted audience is

If you want to develop really good digital products, you need to know who your targeted audience is. Can you understand their problem? Feel what they feel? How do they buy? You have to do a market research before creating your product-

4. Product Feedback

It is important to get feedback from the market. But that’s not all. It is better to get feedback from different areas. Also, from marketers, who are in the same niche as you and more experienced.

Experienced marketers can tell you about their experience and give you objective feedback on your product. You can easily avoid problems with creating your digital products that way.


Before thinking about creating digital products, please think carefully about, who you want to create the products for. Many make the mistake of thinking that they can create a digital product and sell it WITHOUT knowing their target audience. And then they are surprised that it does not sell. Define your target audience and best of all your customer avatar.

The best way is to ask your readers and customers. You will quickly find out what problem need to be solved. Your product does not to be perfect. It is important to create a relevant product and test out. This is the best way to make great products.

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