Supersonic Review – Bank $235 Every Day. Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Supersonic Review – Bank $235 Every Day. Scam or Legit? Before I start I would like to point out that my reviews are based on researches and testimonials from buyers.

In my reviews, I explain how I see the whole thing. I’ve been marketing on the internet since 2015, and I’ve also been scammed many times. No product is made bad by me unless it is proven that it is a scam.

SuperSonic claims that they make $235 per day with their proven Campaigns. That sounds good, right?

If you buy SuperSonic you will be provided with 12 done for you campaigns which will help you make quick money.

The Campaigns have been tested and proven to make money. You do not need any skills and no experience in making money online.

This is an all in one system that you do not have much work with and will make you quick money.

That sounds so amazing. But is it true? Can you make money without experience and great effort? We will see that in this review.


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Who is Paul Nicholls?

Paul Nicholls, the founder of SuperSonic, is a 38-year-old Internet marketer living on the East Coast of the UK.

At the age of 16, he joined the Royal Navy and stayed there for 6 years.

He bought his first Laptop in 2007, the same year as I did lol. He started his journey Online in January 2008.

Nevertheless, it took him 4 ½ years to go full time. During this time, he tried to find out what works online or not. Since 2012 he is a full-time marketer and makes between $5k – $10k per month.

You can read more about Paul Nicholls on his website.

Paul Nicholls joined WarriorPlus in November 2011 and has released 10 products.

As you can see at WarriorPlus, his first 6 products did not have much success. The other 4 have generated more than 1000 sales each.

Anthony MancusoWho is Anthony Mancuso?

Anthony Mancuso is from Hampton Bays NY and currently lives in Denmark. In the beginning, he was very skeptical about the whole make money online thing

During 3,5 years he worked as an electrician’s apprentice. The reason he started his Internet Marketing journey was his girlfriend from Denmark.

For years both have had a long-distance relationship until Anthony decided to move all the way to Denmark.

You can read more about Anthony on his website here.

What Is SuperSonic?

Supersonic is a plugin that allows you to upload reviews to your website. The founders claim that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

In the training videos, you will be shown how you can make as much money as possible with the 12 Campaigns, without hard work. In addition, you will be shown a free traffic source. Sounds tempting, right?

Get Rolled In 3 Steps:

  • Log into the software and choose one of the 12 Campaigns
  • Click the button “Upload Campaign”
  • Send free traffic to your campaign within minutes and benefit from the easy money paid directly to your PayPal account.

Member Area.

There are 14 videos in the member area. In each video, you will be shown how much money Paul and Anthony made with each product.

You also get the useful tools of the respective product, as well as DFY Bonuses.

  • Video 1: Welcome (Introduction)
  • Video 2: Blistering
  • Video 3: Contenu
  • Video 4: Fuego Multiplier
  • Video 5: Proximity
  • Video 6: EZ Passive Paydays
  • Video 7: Super Sonic
  • Video 8: El Bandito
  • Video 9: Limitless
  • Video 10: Compoundly
  • Video 11: Golden Ticket
  • Video 12: Flip-Dad
  • Video 13: The Trinity
  • Video 14: Access the Software


If you look at the testimonials on the SalesPage, you immediately recognize that the testimonials come from experienced Internet marketers. These are all people who promote Supersonic.

I do not say that they are bad people, on the contrary, one of which I know quite well, I learned a lot from him. These testimonials serve to attract people.

I doubt that these internet marketers have ever tried the software. They got a review copy to promote the software. day.


As usual with MMO products, there are also OTO’S. OTO stands for One Time Offer and apparently should only be seen once. But that’s not true, that’s just a sales strategy 🙂

OTO 1:Traffic Explosion Pro / Lite ($37- $27)

How to get the most out of free traffic to maximize your profits.

OTO 2: Unlimited Traffic ($197)

50 people get traffic directly from the SalesPage. It means when someone buys the product, you earn commissions even without sending traffic to it.

OTO 3: Done-For-You Campaign’s The More Money Bundle Pro / Lite ($47 – $37)

You get access to the best money making campaigns that no one has ever seen before.

OTO 4: Super Affiliate Classroom($397)

Get the chance to participate in the most thorough online affiliate training. It’s supposed to be a limited edition and you’ll learn to make $500- $1000 a day.

OTO 5: Reseller / License Rights ($97 – $47)

Allows you to sell SuperSonic as your own product. You get 100% on every sale.


In particular, I like the bonuses on such products. Sometimes they are more worth than the product itself lol.

Bonus 1: (Value $97)

Super Sonic Fast Cash Sheet

Bonus 2: (Value $297)

Emergency Cash Booster

Bonus 3: (Value $297)

Super Sonic step by step training videos

Bonus 4: (Value $397)


Bonus 5: (Value $693)

Super Sonic Bonus Vault


Affordable Price $12,95

Step By Step training videos

30 days money back guarantee


You will get duplicated content

Some people claim that the plugin isn´t working as it should do

OTO´S are too expensive

The products that you can promote are outdated.




That’s a good idea with this plugin. In just a few clicks you get finished review templates with pictures, videos, and text. That makes your job easier.

Unfortunately, I see a problem here. The software always generates the same content, which is called duplicated content.

Google doesn’t like that at all and can penalize you. That means that your reviews won’t rank in Google.

Imagine, 2000 people with the same content. That would not work and does not look good.

If you decide to buy SuperSonic anyway, I recommend you to edit the reviews. Change the titles, change the photos, videos and texts. Again, you will come to nothing without work.

As a newbie you will never make $235 a day, that’s not possible. Your website needs to be known by Google, you need to be knowledgeable online, you need traffic and trust from the buyers.

Internet marketers have a lot of experience in the online business, for which it is easy to generate such amount of earning’s daily.

What I think of the screenshots of the earning’s, I can not really say. Nobody knows if these results come from these Campaigns.

Paul Nicholls is a serious internet marketer. I follow him online for a while. That’s why I can not say that his screenshots are faked. However, I doubt that these earning’s comes from these Campaigns.

That’s my honest opinion. The product isn’t a scam, you get content for your money spend, even if you need to rewrite it to not get punished by Google.

Something you rarely see on a SalesPage has Paul and Anthony added. They warn people that even if you have a step by step system, you still have to work hard.


Congratulations guys, people rarely see anything like that.

There is no money to do without putting work in it. As I said, SuperSonic is not a scam. The SalesPage attracts people with promises, but many will not get such results.

Be it because they have no experience, or just give up because they do not feel like working. Most people are looking for a way to get rich quickly and easily.

That’s not the way how it works online. And never will be.

As I have already described above, this is duplicated content. The plugin always generates the same content. That’s why the guys wrote on the SalesPage that you still need to put work in it.

You get content for your reviews, take this content and rewrite it. It should also be noted that such products are not always on the market.

You will not benefit from it for years. The Internet is growing every day. Renewals are made.

If you want to build a serious online business, then I have something for you.

First, you must be aware that you have to work for it. It can take time before you even make money. But that’s the same with every business, online or offline.

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For an online business you need 3 factors:

If you fulfill these 3 factors, you will see earning’s.

Are you interested in building a long-term business? Then I recommend you my number 1.

You’ll learn from the beginning how to build your business properly. You have a community behind you that can be reached 24/7.

You’ll have video tutorials and you’ll have to complete daily tasks to get ahead. This is the only way to build your own business: Learning by Doing.


Check out my review here and you can register for free here. No credit card information is needed. YOU start completely free.

If you have any questions about Super Sonic, feel free to post them below in the comments. Have you already bought SuperSonic? Then tell us your experience with this software :).

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