7 Ways On How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog For Free.

Your blog article is complete and you have published on your website. But now you need to get visitors to it. Today I am going to show you 7 ways on how to get more traffic to your blog for free.

Putting a beautiful and functional website online is, of course, the first step, although that does not mean that your traffic will automatically flow in and that interested people will find their way to your website. Fortunately, there are many strategies that you can apply to increase the traffic

Provide New Content Regularly

Every blogger who wants to get more visitors to his website needs good content. If you want that people visit your blog regularly, you have to provide them interesting content. It is a must keep your blog updated with new content every day.

Write blog posts, reviews, how to do tutorials, etc. Don’t just limit on one product. You need to respond to the interests of your target audience. Write about a broad spectrum of topics within your niche. That way you will get a larger reach. In addition, you also stimulate the interest and curiosity of people, which makes visitors return faster.

The more content you have, the more chances you have to include keywords that people search for, and the more chance you have to get ranked in Google. People can find you faster if your keyword rank high. That’s why it is important, to make a good niche and keyword research before starting a blog.

Update Your Content

When you offer a lot of content on your website, older content may sometimes fall into oblivion. That’s why it is necessary to keep your content updated on a regular basis. See what you can improve, and remove old content or link that are no longer relevant. Updating old articles can give your traffic a great boost.

Interesting Titles

The title of a blog post or article determines whether people will eventually read it or not. Figures show that around 80% of your visitors read the title, while only 20% actually read your article. That is because online visitors often have limited time to read.

A strong title that catches the eye and arouses the interest of visitors can therefore greatly increase that percentage. Pay sufficient attention to writing your title, since it is actually a sort of advertisement that should convince your reader to continue reading.

social media

Social Media

Social Media is a great source to get more traffic to your blog. Share your articles on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Help people and build sympathy. You may create a Facebook page that you can advertise to get more traffic. Share your posts on your Facebook page.


Google is the Number 1 source to get new visitors. Billions of people search daily about problems on Google. To get visitors from Google, you need to rank first. And that won’t come within 1 day. SEO takes a lot of time. But if you start ranking in Google, you will get a flow of visitors every day without paying anything.

Find unique keywords. You are not the only one who needs traffic. Thousands of blogger are busy on a daily basis to rank high in different niches. Don’t try to rank with a keyword like “make money online”. This is one of the most competitive keywords in the MMO Niche.


LinkedIn is a well-known social networking site for professionals who can help you find a job. However, it is also a good platform to share and promote your content.

LinkedIn should not be missing in your plan. Not only can it increase your visitor numbers, but it can also boost your profile within your industry – especially if you have many followers on Linkedin.

And if you don’t generate so much traffic via LinkedIn, one tip: 1 visitor can already be the right one. One visitor can be looking for your product or service and that thought alone makes LinkedIn worthwhile.


You have certain knowledge when you start a blog. You can use this knowledge to help people. An easy way to do this is to create an account at relevant forums and then answer questions. An example of these types of forums is The better you answer the questions, the more it is valued and this increases the chance that people will click the link on your website. What you can also do is look for questions (preferably frequently viewed questions) and write a blog article about this. You can then refer people to your article on the forum.



As much as we would like it, visitors don’t just find the way to your website. But when you apply the above tips, you will definitely see an increase in your website traffic. Provide sufficient content, advertise online, use social media, become a guest blogger, … do not limit yourself to one medium, or one tactic, but use as many chances as possible.

And whether you apply all the tips or only use a few, each of these tactics can contribute separately to attracting more visitors.