Best Ways To Make Money Online For Dummies


Making money online is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, 90% fail when it comes to it. Why is that so? In today’s Best Ways To Make Money Online For Dummies article, I’ll show you some legal ways to make money online.

Anyone can make money online, you just have to be on the right path. Before I start, I’d like to advise everyone who hopes to make quick money to close this page, this is about serious business opportunities and not about getting quick rich systems.


Can Everyone Make Money Online?

Of course, everyone can make money on the internet. But many don’t know how. There are also people who will never make money online because they don’t change their way of thinking and running behind quick money schemes.

You have to be aware that the whole internet is a kind of business. Building a business takes time. Weeks, months and even years can pass before you can earn money in a respectable way. Are you shocked now? That’s the truth.

Many people post in Facebook groups, hoping to find someone who clicks on their link and buy the product. That’s the first mistake.

Why would someone buy a product from you if he even doesn’t know you? That’s something I can’t comprehend.

Nothing Is Free! Also, so Not Online.

I want to make a lot of money without investment. That’s what I read every day on social networks. It’s a nice thought. Unfortunately, the truth is different. In some ways, you have to invest. Be it your time or money. Unfortunately, building a business requires a kind of investment.

Otherwise, everyone would quit his job and start working online. Do you agree? If you still believe that you can do it without kind of investment, I would advise you to change your mindset quickly, otherwise, you won’t be successful.

I Want Fast Money.

I need money fast. Please give me a job where I make hundreds of dollars online within the next 24 hours. I often see something like that. That comes from people from poor countries. They are so desperate that they have no other choice, only the hope to find a quick method.

Nobody will make fast money online. Someone who tells you this is either a so-called GURU or that person has no idea about online marketing. People who want fast money are the perfect target for so-called scam systems.

Wrong hopes

You are surfing in Facebook groups. You’ve also read promising ads, but they’re too good to be true. That’s really how it is. Here are some pictures. See what they have in common.






Do you see what I mean? The ads are almost the same, only the “hourly wage” and the companies names change. On the first ad, they advertise with the brand Nissan, on the other with Amazon. Why should Amazon, Nissan, DHL, etc advertise in such groups?

These are well-known brands. People promoting like that just use these brands to attract people to buy their systems. I will not go into what kind of system this is. You should just realize that’s a wrong promise and that you have to pay $27 first. And you won’t make this hourly wage, believe me.

There are many scammers in Facebook groups. They promise you anything, to get your money. As I already wrote above, there is no quick rich system and Amazon, DHL, Nissan, etc also don’t give out any offers in such facebook groups.

I took this example from Nissan and Amazon because I’ve seen this ad already 5 times today lol. There are clearly more such scam ads.

Of course, there are also serious ads on Facebook. Unfortunately, most are ignored because there isn’t fast money promised. It is more likely to comment on make fast money ads and wasting time, instead of reacting to honest ads.

5 Ways To Make Money Online

Let’s deep into the actual topic of this post. If you still are here and reading, you will be one of these guys who will make money online. Don’t give up and stay always focused on your dreams.

1. Make Money With A Blog

My family and friends often ask me if I can make money with a blog. Of course, I can. Everyone can do that.

Being a blogger has evolved from a hobby into a serious profession in years. And blogging to a serious business model. It is not for nothing that there are more and more bloggers who can earn additional income with their blog or even live completely off it.

make money with your blog

Ways to earn money with your blog:

Google Adsense

One possibility is Google Adsense. You embed a snippet code into your blog (for example, in a widget in the sidebar). At this point, an advertisement will be shown. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you get paid (usually between $0.10 and $0.80 per click, sometimes more).

Google has over a dozen different ad sizes available (including ads that adjust to screen size), to be sure that there are right sizes for every blog.

Sell Your Products

It can be connected to a lot of work and sometimes also high investment costs to develop, manufacture and sell your own products. But you can also earn more money with your blog.

Guest Blogging

Bloggers are currently in high demand as guest authors or even permanent editors for corporate blogs as well as online or offline magazines.

Not only because editors always need fresh content and are always looking for new editors, but also because many bloggers also bring their own fan base. In addition, bloggers communicate with their readers mostly on a more personal and friendly level

Membership Area

A paid members area is the increase or broader form of the payment barrier. Members not only get exclusive blog articles to read but can also access other exclusive content, such as Videos, e-books, cheats, tools, knowledge bases.

Often, memberships also include access to private (mastermind) groups, coaching lessons or participation in webinars.

2. Start An E-Commerce Online Shop

Creating an online shop offers founders interesting possibilities. E-commerce has been booming for years and so far there is no end in sight. The Internet is becoming more popular and more and more people are buying online.

E-commerce is often equated with the sale of products through your own online shop: A customer visits your online shop, find an exciting product and buys it. The customer pays by PayPal or credit card, and you send the goods to the customer after receipt of payment.

If you want to start as a founder in the e-commerce business, then you should think twice: Do I create my own online shop or do I sell my goods through a marketplace? With your own online shop, you are much more flexible as a founder, but when selling through a marketplace no expensive customer acquisition is necessary anymore

Types of E-Commerce

  • Business to Business Commerce (B2B)
  • e.g. Online raw material purchasing and orders.
  • Business to Consumer Commerce (B2C)
  • e.g. Online book order, digital brochures.
  • Business to Administration Commerce (B2A)
  • e.g. Online tax transactions.
  • Consumer to Consumer Commerce (C2C)
  • e.g. Classifieds, online auctions.
  • Administration to Consumer Commerce (A2C)
  • e.g. Online tax return.


3. Freelancer

Making money as a freelancer means that you are independent of a company. You work for yourself and for no one else. The more qualifications you have, the more you will earn.

Qualifications, for example, can be foreign languages. If you speak English as a native language and speak one or more foreign languages, you can definitely build a good income as Freelancer.

You could, for example, translate documents for others. If you have skills in web design or graphic design, you can offer them.

Freelancer websites :

Here is a list of different freelance sites where you can offer your skills.











Of course, these are just a few pages. Do a search on google and you will see that there are hundreds of such freelance sites.

4. Earn Money With YouTube

Another way to make money is YouTube. Many big YouTubers make a lot of money on YouTube. But it’s not that easy to earn money with your channel. Many ignore the fact that first and foremost hard work has to be put into the channel in order to build up a large audience. Only then will the first money flow in.

Earning Opportunities with YouTube

Google AdWords

Google Adwords ads are probably the most important and easy source of income to make money with YouTube.

Each channel with over 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers can apply for membership of YouTube Partner Program, leaving it free to place various display formats in their videos.

You get money for Google AdWords ads each time they appear to a viewer. It is thus advantageous for creators to receive many views on their own videos.


At least as interesting and in many cases more profitable for YouTubers is the cooperation with companies. They pay good money to influencers for incorporating products or the brand into a video (product placement) or even to the topic of an entire video (commercial video).

However, it should be kept in mind that creators have to have a certain reach so that companies even approach them.

Affiliate Links

Another source of income that makes almost all creators monetize is affiliate links. These referral links to products can be generated via easily accessible affiliate programs of various online stores and promise a commission if a person visits the shop via his own link and buys something.

Write an Ebook

The dream of many people is to write an ebook and maybe making money from it. A great thought, a real dream. You can too. Make this wish, this dream just comes true.

You can sell your ebook on Amazon. You can set your own price, keep all the rights to your book and have access to the audience from Amazon. For every sale you make, you keep 70% of the sale price.


I’ve shown you 5 ways to legally make money online. I’ve also shown you that making money is not that easy, as many claims. I can only advise you if you really want to earn money, then look for a serious matter.

Do not believe in fast money, you will never earn it because it doesn’t exist. I know what I’m talking about because I was just like you. Would you like to build your online business? Would you like to earn 4-5 digits online? My business shows you how to make serious and legal money. But as already written above, it takes time.

It doesn’t come from one day to the next. First, you have to find a niche. One in which you are interested. After finding a Niche, you will need a website. Read here how to create one for free.

After your website is set up, traffic is needed. My business shows you how to get traffic for free. You don’t have to pay anything. I’ll show you for $0 how your online business is built. No money without diligence. You have to do something for it.

Start today with us for free and start building your successful business.

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