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A WP Affiliate Machine Review – How Real Is It?

WP Affiliate MachineHey friends. Today I will review the WP Affiliate Machine for you. This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own affiliate website in just 60 seconds. How cool is that?

On the sales page of WP Affiliate Machine is mentioned that you can build an affiliate site without content writing and manual work. Making a Website without content and manual work?

Unfortunately, the reality is different. What does the WP Affiliate Machine include? Is it real or just a scam? I’ve bought the WP Affiliate Machine for this review. Let’s see what’s inside.

What is WP Affiliate Machine?

WP Affiliate Machine is a WP plugin developed by Ankur Shukla. This plugin allows you to fully automatically build an affiliate website within 60 seconds.

The plugin automatically uploads reviews, graphics and videos to your website. The review products come from the 3 known affiliate networks: JVZoo, Clickbank and WarriorPlus. So you can build your own affiliate website automatically in just 1 click.
Ankur Shukla

Who is Ankur Shukla

Ankur Shukla seems to be a TopSeller on JVZoo. He is mainly known for his WordPress plugins. I never use JVZoo myself, so I took a look around at WarriorPlus.

He has been a member of WarriorPlus since October 2013 and has made over 8,600 sales with his plugins. He has uploaded a total of 5 products: Paydrill2017 Edition, Voicemail Pro, WP Affiliate Machine, WP Video Machine and WP Backlink Machine. WP Affiliate Machine is his best-selling product on WarriorPlus with over 3000 sales.


Just follow these 3 steps:

  • Download the Plugin
  • Install it
  • Activate it

How Does It Work?

After your plugin is installed and activated, all you need to do is enter your JVZoo, Clickbank and WarriorPlus ID’s in the settings. Then you can upload graphics and videos to your website in just one click. I have to admit that setting up this plugin is easy. It’s quick and easy. Ankur did not lie. The plugin is ready within a few seconds.

The Dashboard


After I bought the product, I was able to log into the dashboard. In the first Step, Ankur recommends you already a product. Cloud Storage by Google Drive. Just logged in and the first product is already tried being sold lol.

In the second step you can finally download your plugin. As you can imagine, this is not a big hurdle. Just click Download WP Affiliate Machine and it will download it to your computer.

The third step is a walk through video where Ankur explains step by step how to install and use the plugin. The explanations are pretty good if you don’t know how to install a WP plugin.

Only his accent is a bit difficult to understand. Of course this may be because my first language is not English. Everyone can understand what he means.

That’s it already. You downloaded your plugin, watched the video and your first review is online. After the video some Upgrades are recommended.



Affiliate Machine Pro


10 new reviews every month


Developers License


Get Lifetime hosting


Get our Done-For-You site


Re seller License



  • -Ankur Shukla is real
  • -30 days money back guarantee
  • Plugin easy to install


  • Too many upgrades
  • Without work, you will not get any sales
  • Duplicated content because it has been sold over 3000 times
  • Content of the reviews are not the best
  • Google can punish you because of duplicated content

The plugin is not bad

The idea of this plugin is pretty good. On the sales page is described that you can create an affiliate website with only one WP Affiliate Machineclick. This is also true. But something bothers me anyway. The product was sold 3000 times. It can be concluded that it is a popular and good product. Research on Google has shown that different websites also use this plugin.

Nobody has made the effort to change any sentence in the reviews. It is duplicate content, which Google does not like at all. On the Salespage is promised to create a page without even writing content and without manual work. If you don’t take the upgrades, you still have to work.

You have to rewrite the reviews so that Google can rank them. Ankur shows in one of his videos how he got over 23k visitors to his website with this plugin, which in my opinion is not true. I am not sure though.

Do I Recommend WP Affiliate Machine?

To build your own affiliate website, I would not recommend this product. See the reason above. If you want ideas for reviews, then it is recommended. Everything is already written for you.

On a lot of sales pages, you can find promises, which are not true. Even earning proofs and testimonials are often fakes. You can not make money without putting work in it. That is impossible and never will be possible.

If someone promises you that, then run away if you don’t want to get scammed. Many gurus just want your money. And that’s exactly how some earnings come into being. The gurus promise to make a lot of money without hard work and people fall into it.

Is WP Affiliate Machine A Scam?

No, WP Affiliate Machine is not a scam. You get a product. If you want to buy WP Affiliate Machine, do it. You get something for your money. Nevertheless, you will have to work hard for your money.

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