Traffic Trapper 2.0 – 100% Free Traffic On Complete Autopilot?

Hello friends and welcome to a new review. Today I will review Traffic Trapper 2.0.

Traffic Trapper 2.0 was launched on April 16th and the founders are Art Flair, Alex Krulik and Simple Spencer. These are 3 well-known affiliate marketers.

I’ve been following Art Flair for a few years now and have never been disappointed with his products.

My reviews are based on people’s testimonials, by researches and my own experiences with the product (when I bought it).

I write my reviews not to make products bad, I mainly write what I think and how the training is structured. Everyone can then form their own opinion and decide whether he wants to buy it or not.

But if a product was previously classified as scam, that will also be stated in my reviews. I bought Traffic Trapper 2.0 at the end of April and in my conclusion I will explain my experiences.

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What is Traffic Trapper 2.0?

It is a WordPress plugin that seems to automatically bring you free visitors to your website. 

The plugin is easy and quick to install, just like any WordPress plugin. 

The founders claim that you need no experience, no skills and no email list.

And that you just need to set it up and that you can forget it. It sounds nice, but unfortunately it is not like that.

Nowhere is written about which traffic source it is. At first, I thought it was YouTube traffic, but no not at all. It’s all about Pinterest.

Pinterest is underestimated by many people, but there is a lot of potential behind it.

In 3 simple steps your plugin is ready and sends you tons of traffic to your link.

  • Step 1: Open Traffic Trapper 2.0
  • Step 2: Set up your Traffic Trapper 2.0 campaign in less than 60 seconds
  • Step 3: Press GO and see how highly qualified traffic comes in on autopilot

Inside The Member Area

When you log into the member area you have 5 steps available.

First of all, you’ll find a video of Art Flair explaining how it works, and if you have any questions just let him know through the support page. 

Step 1: Download Traffic trapper 2.0 
In this step, you will need to download Traffic trapper 2.0 and upload it to your WordPress site. 

Step 2: Go through each video. 
In this step you will be explained how to install and configure the plugin

It contains a total of 16 videos. 

How to install Traffic Trapper 2.0

Video 1 :

How to install Traffic Trapper

Art Flair shows you how to install the plugin on your WordPress site. Everyone who knows WordPress knows how to install a plugin lol.


Video 2 :

Do not have WordPress?


This is a hostgator video that explains how to install WordPress. To follow this video you will need a hosting at Hostgator. 

How to setup pinterest app

Video 3 :

How to setup Traffic Trapper Pinterest app

This video shows you how to connect Pinterest with the plugin.

Video 4 :

Images Search Settings Intro

It will tell you what to expect in the next videos. 

images search settings - flickr

Video 5 :

Video 5: Images Search Settings - Flickr

Connect Flickr with your plugin

Video 6 :

Images Search Settings -Google

Connect Google with the Traffic Trapper 2.0 plugin 

images search settings - unsplash

Video 7 :

Images Search Settings - Unsplash

Connect Unsplach with Traffic Trapper 2.0. It didn't  work for me

images search settings - pixabay

Video 8 :

Images Search Settings - Pixabay

Connect Pixabay with the plugin 

how to create a pinterest board

Video 9 :

How to create a Pinterest board.

Art Flair explains how to make a board 

how to create a template

Video 10 :

How to create a template

It will show you how to create a template than you need to link to your campaign afterwards. 

Video 11 :

How to send traffic to posts

Usually it is only possible to send traffic on a page. Art Flair shows you how to send it to a post. 

Video 12 :

Getting Started with Traffic Trapper

Create your campaign and connect everything. 

automatic followers

Video 13:

Automatic Follower

Configure your plugin to automatically follow people 

new case study

Video 14 :

NEW 2019 Case Study

Take a look at Art Flair's Case Study. 

case study 1

Video 15 :

Art's Personal CASE STUDY (Part 1 of 2)

Case Study Part 1.

case study 2

Video 16 :

Art's Personal CASE STUDY (Part 2 of 2)

Case Study Part 2.

Step 3 : The OTO’S

The OTO’s are one time offers. With every WSO product you will always find OTO’S. When you promote such products, you get 100% of the front end earnings. 

The owners earn money with the OTO’S.

In this OTO you will be offered a Done For You Package. It contains pictures, campaigns, videos and squeeze pages. 

Generate traffic from 2 platforms. Nobody wants you in this. 

Your own business within a few minutes. 

3 traffic softwares for the price of one.


  • It keeps what it promises
  • Easy to install
  • Detailed instructions to install the plugin


  • Pictures are not always targeted
  • Sometimes the plugin does not work for 1-2 days
  • It takes time until you get followers
  • It takes a long time to get traffic

Step 4 : If you need help

If you have any questions, you can contact the support with the email address given to you in the dashboard. I’ve contacted the support a few times. Fast and great support :).

Step 5 : Follow Art on Social Media

You can follow Art on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I highly recommend to follow him.


Conclusion And Final Words

As I already wrote above, I’ve bought this plugin 3 weeks ago (as of May 2019).

At the beginning I had a lot of problems and had to contact the support. I can only say respect for everything. I always got an answer within 1 hour.

At the beginning there were updates every day. If I didn’t update the plugin, it didn’t work lol. Every day I had to check if there were updates. So it isn’t true when they say “Set it up and forget about it”

You have to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the plugin. And that can be

Sometimes Traffic Trapper doesn’t post for 24 hours. It can be a programmed schedule, I don’t know. 

The follower function works flawlessly. I started with a brand new Pinterest account and got over 200 followers within 3 weeks.

pinterest followers

Missing parts

In the training of Art Flair, important components are missing. He shows you how to create a Pinterest board, but he does not show you how Pinterest works. A newbie would be desperate here in the beginning. 

Art uploaded a video from Hostgator on how to install WordPress, but he doesn’t show you how to order a domain and a hosting. 

This plugin is not for a total newbie. A newbie is a person who is just starting out to make money online.

Most of the time a newbie doesn’t know anything about web hosting, wordpress etc.

Traffic is the most important thing of making money online. Without traffic, you will not get traffic. And no traffic means no commissions.

Would I recommend this plugin?

Yes and no. If you hope to make thousands of dollars, then unfortunately you’ll be disappointed.

I can not explain how Art gets so many website visitors in his case study, but I strongly doubt that this is a new Pinterest account.

I’ve been using this plugin for 3 weeks, and i`ve won over 200 followers, but by traffic is very low.

I have been following Art for a few years now. He is a serious marketer, no doubt.

However, I doubt that Art has opened a new Pinterest account for this case study.

The plugin is called Traffic Trapper 2.0. So there’s a 1.0 version, and that’s Traffic Trapper. For me, some parts of the case study are from the previous version.

I highly recommend Traffic Trapper 2.0 if you need Pinterest followers. 

I can not recommend it for automatic posting on boards. The images are downloaded from royalty-free sites on the internet, the quality of the images are not the best. 

If you want to buy Traffic Trapper 2.0, then click here.

As I said, you can use it for the followers function. If you want high quality pictures or campaigns, you have to buy OTO1. 

You must also be aware that such products will not last forever. You can make money with it, but you can’t build a stable business with it. 

Would you like to start an online business for free? Then I recommend you Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to read by review. 

You will never be able to build a business without a website. A website is the foundation. 

But before building a website, you need to know what you want. You have to look for an interest, so that you can build your business around it. 

Without any interest, it will be difficult to make money online. Whatever other people are saying. 

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Start your business for free today. You don’t need a credit card, it is 100% free. 

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